Initially, I selected the specimens from Jennifer Johnson’s Hobe Sound gardens when I was invited to use the Polaroid 20x24 camera for the first time there. After photographing them, I transferred the images to watercolor sheets in her studio. In successive years, specimens came from orchid and camellia growers throughout Florida, and from my personal garden. I carried them to New York to photograph at the Polaroid 20x24 Studio. I loved this meticulous process, with its texture of painting, fine detail of etching, and subtle coloration of antique botanical prints, which perfectly conveyed the wonder of the myriad forms of Florida flora.

Original 20 x 24" Polaroid Transfers on 30 x 22" Fabriano Sheets


Nepenthes coccinea
(Pitcher Plant), 1997

Cyperus isodadus
(Miniature Papyrus), 1999

Dolichos lablab
(Purple Bean Vine), 1999

Brugmansia sanguinea
(Angel's Trumpet), 1999

Spathodea campanulata
(African Tulip), 1999

Cocoloba uvifera
(Seagrape Leaf), 1999

Rincinus communis
(Castor Oil Plant), 1997

Callicarpa americana
(Beauty Berry), 2001

Hyacinthus orientalis
(Hyacinth), 2002

Medinilla cummingii
(Cumming's Medinilla), 2003

Musa beccarii
(Wild Banana), 2003

Codiaeum sp.
(Oak Leaf Croton), 2002

Ginkgo biloba
(Maidenhair Tree), 2001

Heliconia sp.
(False Bird of Paradise), 2002

(Kenneth Bivin), 2003

(Nigillian Night), 2003

Aesclepias syriaca
(Common Milkweed), 2002

Dendrobium sp.
(Dyed Dendrobium Orchid), 2002

Zingiber spectabilis
(Ruffled Ginger), 2003

Oncidium varicosum
(Butterfly Orchid), 2002

Stapelia giganteum
(Starfish Flower, Carrion Flower), 2001

(Charles M. Fitch), 2003

(Flying High Stars & Bars), 2003