I selected these seedpod specimens from the collection of scientist and curator Dr. Klaus Dobat at the Botanischer Garten Tübingen, Germany. I photographed and transferred them on site, using a Wista 4x5 view camera in a temporary “studio” created in the gardener’s lounge. The seedpod forms exemplify nature’s creation of its own art, its form following function—survival of the species.

4 x 5 Original Polaroid Transfers
22 x 17" Archival Pigment Prints


Platanus x Acerfolia, 1997

Melanorrhoea usitata, 1997

Salacca zalucca, 1997

Acer platanoides, 1997

Tilia platyphyllos, 1997

Clematis tangutica, 1997

Nelumbo nucifera, 1997

Nypa Fruiticans, 1997

Proboscidea louisianica, 1997