The specimens came from the Nidology Collection at the Staten Island Museum, New York. I photographed them over two seasons using both a 4x5 film view camera and a digital camera. This process occurred in a temporary studio I created to utilize the natural light in a passage at the museum near the attic collection with the guidance of Edward Johnson, curator of collections. For years, the nest had been a recurring symbol. While living in New York, I discovered this collection while with a friend searching for her childhood home in Staten Island. I was taken with the nests’ loving conjoining of beauty, economy, and engineering. 

17 x 22" Archival Pigment Prints


Quiscalus quiscula
(Purple Grackle), 2013

Cardinalis cardinalis
(Northern Cardinal), 2013

Mimus Polyglottos
(Northern Mockingbird), 2013

Catharus fuscescens
(Veery), 2013

Turdus migratorius
(Robin), 2013

Sayornis phoebe
(Eastern Phoebe), 2013

Vireo olivaceus
(Red Eyed Vireo), 2013

Tyrannus tyrannus
(Eastern Kingbird), 2013

Setophaga ruticilla
(American Redstart), 2013

Vernivora cyanoptera
(Blue-winged Warbler), 2013

Melospiza melodia
(Song Sparrow), 2013

Spizella passerina
(Chipping Sparrow), 2013